Friday, July 30, 2010

They Went That Away

As part of an effort to reduce the workload and maintenence of 'da Hui's multiple related blog sites, we are consolidating them into one giant, overstuffed American Graffiti burrito. Our goal is that this tasty, and hopefully tasteful concoction will make it easier to access the publications, photos, music and general information that may be of interest to the three regular readers of this blog (Hey Ma!).

So as we bring it all to the Milner dinner table, we're gonna start with the leftovers. It's still good and the refrigerators full, so no bitchin'. And hey, it's American Graffiti. It was old even when it was new! We'll try to do a good job. Hope you like it, but if you don't, remember, it's guaranteed. Just send your refund requests to Ants. He'll get right on it.

Thanks for all the visits and see you at My Dinner With Milner!